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As a firm, we insist on developing a personally crafted customized financial plan for you before any implementation recommendations are offered. While Wealth Management is a very important part of the relationship our clients build with us, we believe that in order to deliver advice that fits YOU and not a "questionnaire" we need to know as much as we can about our clients so that ultimately we can present effective strategies that have their best interests in mind.


Discovering your unique goals and dreams — We believe that crafting a long term financial planning strategy requires a crystal clear understanding of what matters most in your life. During our initial consultations much of our conversations will focus on your goals, your successes and your challenges.

Collecting the Data — Financial planning is best delivered when documentation is provided to support the facts.

Analyzing the Data — From pay-stubs to investment accounts, insurance documents to tax returns, mortgages to bank accounts, we'll look at it all. We'll give you a clear snapshot of where you stand, identify strengths that exist and examine potential points of vulnerability.

Deliver Recommendations — We rely on our own words and experience to deliver specific recommendations that offer perspectives on a wide array of issues that encompass your financial life. These recommendations are delivered to the client in the form of a written, transparent investment proposal.

Reviewing it All — We believe that Financial Planning is a fluid activity which requires ongoing monitoring and the ability to make changes when needed. Our dedication to financial planning first insures our clients that their planning needs will always remain at the forefront of our conversations; no matter whether it is our first meeting, or the fiftieth.

Delivery and Maintenance — By following these steps we are able to deliver a comprehensive written financial plan, but it doesn't stop there. By revisiting the plan as needed we are able to factor in the changes that happen over time and make adjustments as needed.